Virtual Influencers

3D characters – METAVERSE


Virtual Influencers

At vaze, we are at the forefront of the latest digital trends in social media and marketing. Virtual influencers are a key part of this revolution, offering brands a unique and cost-effective way to connect with their audiences. That’s why we have designed and created 5 virtual influencers a mix between stylized look and photoreal, each with their own unique personality. Virtual influencers are a powerful tool for brands looking to promote their products and create a lasting connection with their target audience. At vaze, we believe in the power of virtual influencers to transform the world of marketing and advertising, and we’re excited to help our clients take advantage of this new and exciting technology.

3D Artist Team: 

Jonathan Cuvelier , Fabio De Proft, Mante Declercq, Oussama Mahieddine